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When – Short Film

When – Short Film

“WHEN will I be famous?”
In this music inspired short, we capture the training flow and the commitment of two boxers. No glitz, no glamour, just another day, stacked on to another day, hoping to make the days into genius.

Simon Marcus
Nathan Elliot
Allen Rufino

Dir. Neal Owusu
idyllic films

Production Credits
Director: Neal Owusu
DOP: Conor Fisher
1st AC: Mark Ekin
2nd AC: Shady Hanna
Gaffer: Julian Samuels
Steadicam: Liam Benstea
Producer: Kobi Ntiri
Editor: Michael Headford
Colourist: Clinton Homuth
Production Assistants:
Kevin Akrasi
Chardae Hamilton
Jason Pearson
SFX: Russell Morgan

Music: Losco – “When”