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About Us

We are a creative design and production studio based out of Toronto. The purpose of idyllic is to create beautiful productions for client partners and ourselves, in the form of brand identity, digital design, media, content and ‘one-off art pieces’ that embody the euphoria of pure and genuine aesthetics. We speak to people’s most basic need for the picturesque, both in the work and the peace of mind that comes with working with the studio.

We pride ourselves on our obsessive attention to detail, our crazy commitment to quality and our feeling of accomplishment with each and every project, whether it be an email, website or a feature-length film.

Here are the services

Brand Identity

Developing a unique and memorable brand voice and identity with a suite of services, including but not limited to, logos, typography, colour palettes, imagery, illustration and iconography.

Design Services

Tailored design services for any executional needs. The highest quality of aesthetic excellence, as well as best practices and well-defined approaches to excel with appropriate messages.

Web Design & Development

Services in full design and development for all digital properties, both in web and mobile. Some of our web services include UX, UI, development, QA and launch.

Video & Content Production

We offer full video and content production services, from concept, production, post-production and delivery. Idyllic studio prides itself on production with the best directors, editors, VFX artists and sound engineers to bring about the best outputs for our client.


We offer all the ranges of photography, from event / candid photography to studio-styled shooting. Our photography is there to help our clients establish an approved aesthetic and support content and digital initiatives.

Activations & Installations

We offer real-life brand activations and art installations, leveraging our design and execution talents to bring out physical brand messaging.

About Neal

Neal Owusu is the founder and executive producer of Idyllic Studios, Neal has worked as an advertising producer for over 12 years. He initially specialized in digital, then, ultimately progressed to integrated production. In his years as a producer, Neal has worked at TBWA, Lowe Roche, Zulu Alpha Kilo and John St. for brands like Gatorade, Apple, Audi and Loblaws, just to name a few. Neal has also been a filmmaker for the past 7 years, with his latest short film, “Chance Encounter” released in 2018.

The start of Neal’s production career was humble; he launched a lifestyle and culture blog after college, and with a few years spent building a strong readership, he leveraged its success to get his first marketing job as a coordinator. Inspired by advertising, production and film, Neal is carving his own path, allowing his passions and inspirations to influence his career moves and creative journey.

Currently, with Idyllic Studio, Neal Owusu manages client business and all production execution with the extremely talented Idyllic roster.