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We are a creative design and production studio based in Toronto. Our mission is to craft stunning productions for our valued client partners, encompassing brand identity, digital design, media, content, and unique ‘one-off art pieces’ that embody the euphoria of pure and genuine aesthetics..

KB Artists – Brand Identity

We developed a new brand identity for the design firm, KB Artists.

Nudomi – Brand Identity

We developed a new brand identity for the design firm, Nudomi.

Aunty Lucy’s Burgers – Website

We did the UX, design and development for Toronto's Aunty Lucy's Burgers website

Chance Encounter – Short Film

Suddenly trapped in an elevator with her ex, a young woman decides to pursue closure to a once blossoming relationship. Full Cast & Crew Director: Neal Owusu Producer: Raj Dillion Written By: Neal Owusu, Marcel Stewart Casting: Marcel Stewart Director of Photography: Conor Fisher Assistant […]

Beauty Revolver – Website

We UX, designed and developed website for make up artist Khera Alexander

When – Short Film

“WHEN will I be famous?” In this music inspired short, we capture the training flow and the commitment of two boxers. No glitz, no glamour, just another day, stacked on to another day, hoping to make the days into genius. Featuring:: Simon Marcus Nathan Elliot […]

Van Der Pop – Whole Flower

We produced a photography for the Van Der Pop whole flower campaign, the goal was to promote the Van Der Pop Cannabis flower in an elegant light.

Tokyo Smoke – Whole Flower

We produced a beautiful 3D rendered spot for Tokyo Smoke, scanning real cannabis buds to have the real likeness in the piece. The 30s spot is a combination of talented 3D artists, sound design, a VO record and an final output.

Team Compton Website Redesign

We UX, designed and developed a website for real estate professional, Team Compton, The site leverages a wordpress back-end, but leverages Jquery and Ajax components for it's front-end layout.

Grey Short Film

A young man wondering with his eyes, his ears and his words. -- Directed By: Neal Owusu Cinematography By: Neal Owusu Edited By: Neal Owusu AD & Additional Camera Support: Cameron Murton Assistant Producer: Tracey Owusu Sound and Master: Jahmal Padmore Featuring Kwesi Thomas (Voice [...]

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